5 Ultimate Culture Insights from Top Culture Pioneers and Progressive Leaders

top 5 culture insights

Do you fully understand your culture and how it’s impacting performance? Are you managing a clear journey to effectively evolve your culture with a direct and sustainable impact on performance? There aren’t many leaders that can confidently answer “yes” to these two questions. We see culture tips and advice at every turn that range from superficial to endlessly complicated. If you are like me, it’s hard to understand what to believe.

It’s very important for leaders and change agents to learn from the culture pioneers and experts in this evolving field. Human Synergistics, therefore, convenes an annual Ultimate Culture Conference to bring visibility to important insights from culture trailblazers and progressive leaders.

Josh Bersin on 5 Key Trends Driving Culture Change Today

josh bersin on culture with human synergistics

Josh Bersin, principal and founder, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP, fascinated the crowd with the interesting perspectives on culture he shared at the 2nd Annual Ultimate Culture Conference. He started by sharing some interesting data and insights about why culture is important. He followed that explanation with a summary of five key trends driving culture today.

Top Three Insights from the Ultimate Culture Conference

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Interest in the subject of culture continues to grow dramatically. It’s a hot topic, and for good reason. Research shows Constructive cultures lead to increased profitability, satisfaction, performance, and more. The Annual Ultimate Culture Conference gathers top thought leaders in the field of organizational culture and leadership to provide valuable insight into and discussion around this elusive concept for professionals passionate about shaping workplace culture.

Advice for Leaders from the Organizational Culture Pioneers

Culture Pioneer Panel—Edgar Schein, Larry Senn & Robert Cooke

Ultimate Culture Pioneers

To accelerate the culture learning curve and truly impact the world, it’s critical to build on the experience of pioneers in the field of organizational culture. Our Culture Pioneer Panel, one of the unique highlights of the Ultimate Culture Conference, featured insights from three of these trailblazers: Edgar Schein, Larry Senn, and Robert Cooke.

The Common Ground of Qualitative and Quantitative Culture Development Approaches (Part Two)

Robert Cooke & Edgar Schein Discussion

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This is the second post from a discussion between Professor Edgar Schein, arguably the #1 workplace culture expert in the world and a strong critic of culture surveys, and Dr. Robert A. Cooke, creator of the most widely used organizational culture assessment in the world.  The discussion resulted in 12 key areas of common ground across qualitative and quantitative culture assessment and development approaches.  See the first post for specific comments regarding insights #1-6:

  1. Leaders must start by being clear about the business problem or purpose of their change effort.
  2. A culture survey may be useful under the right circumstances and will only measure some aspects of the culture.
  3. The client should make the decision on whether to use a survey or not.
  4. Leaders should give assurance the feedback will be shared and acted upon.
  5. A team should be engaged to help identify how the survey will be set-up and used.
  6. Only survey as part of a broader change effort which also includes qualitative approaches.

This post covers insights #7 – 12, including Ed and Rob’s overall reaction to the substantial common ground that exists.  These insights should help leaders, consultants, and others to more effectively manage change efforts.